Fairhope Police: Officer involved shooting leaves one dead, one in custody


UPDATE: Baldwin County District Attorney held a press conference to address the officer involved shooting which occurred Thursday afternoon in Fairhope.
Police say they can confirm that one person is in custody and one was pronounced dead on the scene.

According to officials, police received reports of suspicious activity at the Fairhope Walmart parking lot around 4:30 p.m.

Before police were able to arrive on scene a a vehicle was stolen. The stolen car was spotted and that's when officials say a chase ensued.

The vehicle wrecked and one was taken into custody at that time, the second ran into a wooded area and later stole another vehicle and another chase took place.

Officials say that shots were fired and a white male, who is say to possibly be from Virginia area, was struck and killed. There was a weapon that was confiscated.

The investigation has been turned over to the major crimes unit.

Sheriff Huey 'Hoss' Mack says about a dozen investigators are 'on the ground' and that they are focusing on two main crimes scenes.

Investigators are asking for anyone who witnessed the crime or the shooting to contact the baldwin county sheriff's office.

This is still under investigation.


Fairhope Sgt. Craig Sawyer confirms to NBC 15 that there was an officer involved shooting. One was dead on scene, one in custody.

There is no threat to the public and all officers are safe, according to Sawyer. NBC 15 is working to confirm the details of the incident.

Sources tell NBC 15 that a robbery, or some sort of shoplifting event, happened at the Fairhope Walmart, the suspect took off.

Sources continue, the suspect pulled a sawed-off shotgun and fired on law enforcement, who returned fire and struck the suspect.

The suspect reportedly drove off and tore through a Fairhope subdivision near Stratford St.

According to witnesses, the suspect was chased by police as they drove into yards, through fences and mailboxes. They say that officers were firing at the suspect as he was driving.

NBC 15 has a crew on the scene and will bring you more inf as soon as possible.

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