Baldwin Co. residents react to immigrants possibly being housed in their neighborhood

(img: WPMI)

A year ago William Randolph and his wife moved across the street from the Navy Outlying Field Silverhill.

He says he had heard talks about the government wanting to house immigrants at the site a few years ago but brought the house because he figured it was over with.

“I was concerned about it but I figured they wouldn’t let it happen again,” he said.

Randolph says hearing the idea is back on the table makes him worry about how safe his new neighborhood will be?

“I’m not happy about that at all I’m concerned about security issues and with all the stuff that’s going on in the news and MS13 you don’t know who they’re going to put there,” he said.

A few houses down Cindy Elmore shares the same thoughts. “Because we’re a residential community I do have concerns about what kind of people they would bring in,” she said.

But along with that she says she has mixed feelings

“On the other hand I do feel for those people seeking refuge and a safe environment,” Elmore said.

The immigrants would be housed in tent cities. Officials say there is no running water or electricity on the land.

That leaves Randolph to question how humane the whole idea is.

“They would live in tents in this hot weather it would suck for the people it’s inhumane they would be sweating and dying I don’t see why they would do that to people anyway,” he said.

The other proposed site is at Navy Outlying Field Wolf in Orange Beach.

Baldwin County officials say they plan to fight this just like they did the last time it was brought up.

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