Baldwin Co. law enforcement, community showing support for fallen MPD officer

(WPMI:Image) Baldwin Co. law enforcement, community showing support for fallen MPD officer

Law enforcement throughout Baldwin County are showing their support after the tragic death of a Mobile Police officer.

Authorities said Officer Sean Tuder, 31, was gunned down Sunday afternoon by Marco Perez, 19, while investigating a false police report at an apartment complex on Leroy Stevens Road.

The fallen hero's fellow officers were at his Daphne home on Monday to support his loved ones.

Now, law enforcement in Baldwin County is showing Tuder's friends, family, and co-workers that they're not alone in this tragedy.

Baldwin County Sheriff Huey "Hoss" Mack says the news of Officer Tuder's death is devastating for the whole law enforcement family.

"The pursuit of justice and protecting and serving the community is exactly the same. And that's why it's a brotherhood," said Sheriff Mack.

Deputies and officers in Baldwin County cities are now wearing mourning bands across their badges.

The entire community is also feeling the loss. On Monday night, the pedestrian bridge in downtown Foley was lit up in blue.

"These events are years long. They're years long in the healing process. You know, for Mobile Police to lose four officers in 10 years, that's unusual for an agency of that size in our area," Sheriff Mack said.

Sheriff Mack said that can have an impact on the psyche of a law enforcement agency.

With the number of officers killed in the line of duty higher than in the past, Sheriff Mack believes even more research will be put into trying to keep officers and deputies as safe as possible.

"In the midst of tragedy, and in the midst of the dangers for law enforcement, law enforcement still goes out and helps people everyday," said Sheriff Mack. "This is going to be a time for them that's going to be tough, but they will come through it. They will prevail."

Law enforcement agencies told NBC 15 they are planning ways to support Officer Tuder's loved ones and they intend to attend his funeral services.

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