Baldwin Co. Catholic high school continues to grow

Baldwin Co. Catholic high school continues to grow (IMG:WPMI)

Baldwin County's only Catholic high school has doubled its size, and has even bigger plans for the future.

St. Michael Catholic High School wants to give its sports teams home field advantage but it won't come cheap.

The school wants to build an athletic complex with a stadium for football and soccer games, as well as a field house for all the athletic teams. It's a big dream with an even bigger price tag.

"We're hiring a professional firm to help us raise $5 million and we'll be doing a phase in the first semester and then we'll do another phase in the second semester. we hope people are generous," said the school principal Faustin Weber.

For Baldwin County's first and only Catholic high school timing and prayer have paid off so far. The school recently purchased the nearly 40 acres of land surrounding the school doubling its footprint.

The school jumped on buying the property when developers abandoned a planned subdivision project that would have backed up to the school. Generous families helped with the purchase.

"The interesting part of taking this job three years ago was to see something grow," said Athletic Director and Assistant Principal Paul Knapstein.

It's a school that's only three years old and this coming the year Saint Michael jumps to 3A athletics and for the first time will play varsity games in all their major sports.

"It’s a great feeling every day to come to work and see what potentially will be there in the future and now we're going to get there," said Knapstein.

The plan is to build things one at a time as the money comes in. School officials say they are working with architects right now a lot will be changing soon.

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