Baldwin Co. Board of Ed. holds press conference on lawsuit against State Superintendent

    (IMAGE: WPMI) Baldwin Co. Board of Ed. holds press conference on lawsuit against State Superintendent

    The Baldwin County Board of Education has sued the State Superintendent, the Baldwin County Commission and the new Gulf Shores City School System.

    The bottom line with this lawsuit is county school officials say the state superintendent is way outside his authority.

    "He didn’t say he might, he said he will take action to enforce his order and, if we were to dare take this to court, he would proceed to file charges against our superintendent. That is way outside his authority," said BCBE attorney Don Beebe.

    State Superintendent Eric Mackey told Baldwin County schools last week to sign his plan to split Baldwin and Gulf Shores schools or he'd take action against the superintendent, something that didn't sit well, because Baldwin County Schools disputes Mackey's plan to use tax dollars.

    "My concern is that they start good and gulf shores is successful but we shouldn’t have to fund that success," said BCBE Superintendent Eddie Tyler.

    Mackey wants Gulf Shores schools to start getting tax dollars as soon as this summer, as it prepares for its first academic year.

    Baldwin County Schools argues Gulf Shores should only get tax money after the new fiscal year: October 1, 2019.

    Baldwin schools says the City of Gulf Shores should cover all the costs until then, something some Baldwin County residents agree with.

    "They're wanting to start their own school system? They should fund it period. If they don’t have the money to fund it then they shouldn’t be doing it," said Tom David.

    "I look forward to the day when the Gulf Shores city board and the Baldwin County board can work together because if we're going to say it’s about the children and mean it then that's the next step. I hate we're doing this but it is what it is and we'll know we'll have an answer one day I look forward to that day," said Cecil Christenberry, BCBE Board President.

    No comment from State School Superintendent Eric Mackey and no comment from the Gulf Shores City School Board either.


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