Baldwin Co. animal shelter getting donations after shortage of dog food

Baldwin Co. animal shelter getting donations after shortage of dog food

The Baldwin County Animal Shelter is getting help from the community after a food shortage threatens to leave dozens of dogs without a meal.

Gina Jones, Director of the Baldwin County Animal Shelter, said there are more than 60 dogs in the shelter who depend on the food.

However, Jones said when Baldwin County took over control of the facility from the State in October, they didn't realize the food in storage was rotten and infested with bugs.

"When the State was here, they ordered a lot of food and its just stacked on top of each other. The bags that were closer to the floor and on the ground had bugs and worms in them so we had to throw all that food away," said Jones.

According to Jones, they are working overtime to replace about two weeks worth of rotten dog food.

<"If we don't keep getting food, then we will be running out completely," Jones said.

Jones says the county is trying to fix the problem but Good Samaritans have stepped up to make sure the dogs don't go a day without food.

David Roberts was one of many people who heard about the need on social media.

Roberts rushed to a store and picked up 5 bags of dog food and brought them over.

"I just love dogs. I don't want them to go hungry. As the weather gets cold, they have to have the calories to stay warm," said Roberts.

According to Jones, they take in roughly 30 dogs every week so any donation is huge.

Roberts says he hopes people will remember these dogs if they're looking for a four-legged family member.

"I would adopt them all if I could but they wouldn't fit in the house and it's not in the budget. The need is great. Please adopt, don't shop," Roberts said.

Shelter officials said they have also received donations from the Baldwin County Humane Society.

If you'd like to donate, you can do so by contacting the Baldwin County Animal Shelter at 251-972-6834.

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