BAE Systems Shipyard in Mobile to lay off half its staff

(Source: BAE Systems online) Officials tell Local 15 News some 200 employees could be laid off sometime in October or November.

Officials with BAE Systems Shipyard in Mobile announced Thursday they could be laying off as many as 200 employees within the upcoming months.

The shipbuilding repair company currently has more than 400 employees on staff. They recently notified more than half of their staff that there will be major layoffs this October and November. The cuts, officials said, are result of reduced shipbuilding and repair work at the shipyard.

In a statement, BAE System’s Director of Communications said in part: “BAE Systems has notified about 200 employees at its Mobile,Alabama shipyard that they could be impacted by a workforce reduction in the October-November time frame. The workforce reduction is the result of reduced shipbuilding and repair work at the shipyard.

“We recognize that the workforce reduction is directly impacting talented employees and our shipyard team overall. This workforce decision is not a reflection on the employees’ contributions to the organization, as it is in recognition of the industry and economic conditions we face. We greatly appreciate the hard work of the employees who will be leaving our organization.”

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