Mobile County Public School security measures

(image: WPMI) Back to School: School security measures

With the school year back in session your kids will spend almost 7 to 8 hours away from home each day.

As parents you want to know the school will keep them safe when they are out of your sight.

Mobile County Public Schools has around 56,000 students across 88 schools in the county and they work every year to keep everyone safe.

The school district has the county split up into 12 feeder patterns which includes a high school, all elementary and middle schools that feed in to that specific area with one school resource officer assigned for every feeder pattern.

Each of the resource officers is an experienced law enforcement officer having a minimum of 5 years of experience in law enforcement.

The resources officers are in the schools everyday working with students and staff.

Director of School Security Andy Gatewood says the goal is to be proactive with situations that way they can help provide safe environments that's conducive to learning.

The resource officers do not carry guns at this time, but it is something the school district is discussing along with other ideas to keep the campuses safe.

One of the ideas of added security is single points of entry where you have to be buzzed in through the front door to even be let inside the school.

The school system also taking time to train faculty and staff with a new program.

The ALICE Training Institute and ALICE stands for alert - lock-down - inform - counter and evacuate.

The program provides more pro-active lock-down procedures in reacting to potential armed-intruder threats.

The ALICE training is not only for school faculty and staff, but its also for the students as well.

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