Authorities search home for evidence in missing Semmes teen case

22-year-old Matthew Moberg was one of the last people seen with the teen and is known to authorities.

The Mobile County Sheriff's Office, the FBI, and authorities in Mississippi are all working together to find 16-year-old Brian "Jessie" Parker.

The teen was reported missing earlier this week and after a brief chase yesterday, investigators arrested a person of interest. Matthew Moberg is still in Mobile Metro Jail charged with burglary and obstruction of justice.

Mobile County Capt. Paul Burch said Moberg has been lying to investigators.

"I can't go into exact statements, but, we know he's not being honest," he said.

The FBI has joined the MCSO in this investigation. Burch said the agency is assisting because they believe

Moberg and Parker crossed state lines. Surveillance video shows the pair at a Dollar General store in Lucedale, Mississippi Tuesday.

Last known video of Brian Parker:

The 22-year-old was one of the last people seen with the teen and is known to authorities. Moberg was already on probation. He was just released from prison in February after being convicted of conspiracy to kidnap and conspiracy to murder.

"I was one of the investigators on his original case and I can tell you he's a conniving, devious person and is a threat to people. Based on what I know of his previous case, we have very serious concerns about the missing juvenile," said Burch.

Timeline of events:

  • 16-year-old Brian 'Jessie' Parker reported missing Tuesday around 11AM
  • Mobile County Sheriff deputies started looking for Matthew Moberg for questioning Wednesday
  • Late Wednesday afternoon, authorities arrived at Matthew Moberg's job and he took off running. He barricaded himself inside and After a chase, a K-9 unit bit him and he was taken into custody.
  • Moberg is being charged with Burglary 2nd, Obstruction of Justice and Eluding.
  • Early Thursday morning, authorities announced they were expanding the search and would be looking in both Mississippi and Alabama for Parker.
  • Around 12PM, deputies executed a search warrant at Moberg's home.

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