Man who allegedly shot Auburn officer, died in fire after shootout had Baldwin County ties

    (img: BCSO) Christopher James Wallace, arrested in 2006 for driving with a suspended license by the Baldwin County Sheriff's Office.

    An officer involved shooting turned deadly Friday night.

    The suspect, 38-year-old Christopher Wallace, was no stranger to law enforcement.

    Records show he was arrested multiple times in Baldwin County.

    Wallace had a Spanish Fort address on his drivers license. At one point during the manhunt they thought he might be headed back to Baldwin County.

    After a shootout with police in Auburn, Wallace locked himself inside an apartment. It caught on fire and he was found dead inside.

    "He has always been that well if I can't solve it I am going to solve it with violence person," says Libby Caldwell.

    His ex-wife Lisa filed for divorce in 2012. Shortly after the divorce, she went missing.

    "The last person to see Lisa alive was Chris and he even admitted to the police that they had an argument hours before she went missing. She was the best person in the world. She was my best friend and I miss her smile. She has two brothers that will never get to hug her again. Her mother... can you imagine going to bed every night wondering where your child is, if they are ok, if they are safe, if they are hurting. I can't imagine what her mother is going through. Her father... that was his baby. Her daughter deserves to know what happened to her mama to wake up one day and her mom is gone is horrible," says Caldwell.

    Wallace was ruled out as a suspect for her disappearance but family friends say Lisa was afraid of him.

    "There was definitely a history there of of of abuse," says Callie Byrd.

    "I actually saw the physical marks on her body from it. I saw the black eyes. I saw the busted lips. I saw the bruises up and down her ribs," says Caldwell.

    Wallace leaves behind an 8-year-old daughter.

    "She doesn't have either one of her parents and when she gets older she is going to have to read that her dad chose to shoot a police officer and barricade himself into an apartment instead of owning up to the crime he committed," says Caldwell.

    "It's horrible. It's devastating for her," says Byrd.

    Family friends say their daughter is living with Wallace's parents and they're begging if you have any information about her missing mother to contact police.

    "Please, for the love of God, call a law enforcement agency. Just pick one and call them. Anything can be the one thing that makes the puzzle fall back into place," says Caldwell.

    (IMG: Auburn Police Department) Officer Justin Sanders

    (img: BCSO) Christopher James Wallace, arrested in 2006 for driving with a suspended license by the Baldwin County Sheriff's Office.

    (Auburn Police Department)

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