Aubreigh's Mother: "We are going to fight like Aubreigh"

(IMAGE: WPMI) Aubreigh's Mother: "We are going to fight like Aubreigh"

NBC 15 sat down with the parents of Aubreigh Nicholas for the first time since their daughter passed away from brain cancer.

“You thought day one of diagnosis was the worst day of your life, then it was the day that she passed,” Brooke Nicholas said, adding “Then it became the day that you had to say goodbye.”

Childhood cancer is a battle no kid should have to fight and no family should have to suffer through.

“You had a child knowing you were going to protect them their whole life and when something like this happens, and you can't even go through the next moment without knowing what that moment is going to be, it’s heart breaking,” Brooke said.

Every day without Aubreigh this heart break continues. The Nicholas family never thought their daughter would be diagnosed with cancer. No family ever thinks it will be them.

“She was everybody's little girl, the normal one,” Brooke said.

“Then, all of a sudden, Bam. Then a year later we are where we are now,” Jay Nicholas said, adding “I think that's a big shock and a big wake up call to say ‘Hey, if we can help find cures so this doesn't happen to people, we want to do it too.’”

Jay and Brooke say through this dark journey, their family found light with the unwavering support from our community.

“The community backing us, it made us able to do what we did with her and spend the time that we spent with her,” Jay said, adding “They made it possible for us to do these things.”

The community's and Aubreigh’s Army’s support is helping Jay and Brooke continue Aubreigh’s battle against DIPG.

“It's humbling to have people still back you,” Brooke said, adding, “We get messages everyday asking what's our next step, where are we going, people saying we are here for you, your army is still here. It touches you.”

“That's the easiest way to know that losing her wasn't without a positive side of it, and that's why we feel that now we have to do something to continue funding research,” Jay said, adding “That helps us deal with it, in a way.”

A special event is coming up November 3rd to raise awareness and money to fight DIPG, the type of brain cancer Aubreigh was diagnosed with. It will be a walk held at Battleship Park.

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