Florida Health Department: Rates of co-sleeping related infant deaths on the rise

(image:WPMI)Florida Health Department: Rates of co-sleeping related deaths on the rise

The death investigations of three infants in Escambia County Florida are putting the spotlight on parents who share a bed with a baby.

It's commonly described by doctors as a silent killer.

The Florida Department of Health Director, John Lanza, says when it gets colder it’s tempting for a parent to bring their child into bed to keep them warm.

He says because of that, they’ve seen more deaths to co-sleeping this time of year.

Lanza also says, "We've seen cases of parents trying to feed the child on a sofa and they get wedged between the end of the sofa and the parent and they have a suffocation especially if the parent is sleepy and tired and falls asleep. We've also had issues where the parent was drinking alcohol, on opoiods, other medications, they passed out, the child was suffocated"

Experts say parents have to be creative to find ways not to co-sleep.

They say parents in Finland use "baby boxes" which the Department of Health has promoted in the past.

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