Another rabid fox found and captured in Fairhope

(image: WPMI) Another rabid fox found and captured in Fairhope

Another rabid fox has been found and captured in the Fairhope area!

Fairhope city officials are now asking residents to be aware and take precautions when they are outdoors.

A rabid fox was found on the front porch of a home on Fairhope Avenue, and this is the second case in Fairhope in less than a month

When JJ McCool from Wildlife Solutions. responded to the call about the animal the fox was aggressive and bit him in the foot forcing McCool to aggressively subdue the fox.

According to Wildlife Solutions Inc their normal procedure is not choking out animals, the company says they want you to be aware that this was an unusual case because the fox was very vicious/rabid and attacking mccool.

Now if you remember last month, the first rabid fox was at the Rock Creek Golf Course and bit two people.

Then there was another incident in the Spanish Fort area at Spanish Fort Estates where a man was bitten by a fox in his yard, and animals control has not yet caught that fox.

Fairhope Mayor Karin Wilson is pleading to her residents in Fairhope to take all precaution when outdoors and encountering wild animals.

If you do encounter a wild animal aciting aggressive and shows no fear around human, do not go near it, and report it to animal control at 251-928-2385.

Mayor Wilson also says it is important to remeber to not leave cat or dog food outside because that will attract wild animals to your yard.

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