Angel shots land in downtown Mobile entertainment district

(IMAGE: WPMI) Angel shots land in downtown Mobile entertainment district

Downtown bars are teaming up with Mobile's rape crisis center, hoping to drive down rape and sexual assault in our entertainment district.

"Neat", "on the rocks" or "lime". With whiskey, that means "straight booze", "on ice" or "with a twist".

With an Angel Shot, it means a lifeline.

“It’s definitely an awesome thing that we've got here,” bartender Christina Dunnam said.

Ok Bike Shop bartender Christina Dunnam knows liquor brings out lingering creepers.

“Me, I’ll just say ‘hey look, i'm not interested, leave me alone’ but not everybody wants to go that route,” Dunnam said.

Also, a predator won't take no for an answer.

“Maybe their date isn't exactly who they described them to be online if they used a dating app or found somebody on a social media platform,” victim advocate Laury Rowland said, adding “Or maybe they feel like something has been placed in their drink. Our hope is they see this and they'll realize they can go to the bartender.”

Mobile's Rape Crisis Center is teaming up with 20 bars to make downtown safer through Angel Shots.

Your drink order serves as a code alerting bartenders to help.

Each of participating bar will post the Angel Shot information right in the bathroom. When women are taking a break from the bar scene, they can learn about the options for Angel Shots.

Ordering an Angel Shot neat will get you an escort to your car.

On the rocks. the bartender will call you a cab, Uber or Lyft.

With lime, the bartender will call the police.

“It's an easy communication way for a guest,” OK Bicycle Shop Owner Jim Walker said, adding “Instead of running up saying ‘I need a cop,’ they come up and say I need an Angel Shot with lime.”

Ok Bicycle Shop started Angel Shots downtown about a year ago. Walker says he's seen it help several women already.

“The central events unit down here responds actually in seconds more than minutes, it's amazing,” Walker said.

Dunnam says Angel Shots are giving customers a sense of relief while giving bartenders a new identity, an angel watching over your shoulder.

“It's not just serving your drinks and handing you food. it's also making sure you make wise and safe decisions as well.” Dunnam said.

For victims of sexual assault, resources are available through Mobile’s Rape Crisis Center, a division of

Lifelines Counseling Services.

To call the 24 Hour Rape Crisis Center hotline, dial 251-473-7273 or 1-800-718-7273 .

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