Alabama's Tua Tagovailoa weighs in on Jalen Hurts in first public address since August


He's playing so well for Alabama, now his last name just rolls off the tongue. But everyone who knows anything about college football just refers to him as "Tua."

Tua Tagovailoa, the Crimson Tide quarterback everyone around the nation is talking about, spoke to media for the first time since August.

Since Tagovailoa became the starting quarterback for the number one team in the nation, a lot has happened. He's considered in many circles to be the frontrunner for the Heisman trophy.

He's also been involved in the most talked-about quarterback battle in the nation. He won the job over Jalen Hurts, who started the previous two years. There was speculation Jalen would transfer, bolting after four games using the redshirt rule. But Hurts is staying, and Tagovailoa is glad he is.

"The kind of character that he has and the maturity that he's shown thorughout the team this year, I think that's something special. You hear things going on throughout the year with other quarterbacks and whatnot. But to have Jalen stick with it truly tells how he was raised as a person and testifies to his family as well," Tagovailoa said in the press conference.

Tagovailoa's numbers are jaw-dropping, completing 75 percent of his throws for 14 touchdowns and no interceptions. Tagovailoa says the offense had high expectations going in.

As of yet, they're certainly living up, if not surpassing, those expectations.

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