Alabama town reeling after creek overflow


Fulton, Alabama is reeling after their town creek, which runs through the town like an artery, overflowed its banks and kept rising.

Phillip Averitt and his wife took the day to comb through everything in their home after water rose to chair level. Vacuums and mops and buckets line their hardwood floors, dulled by creek water that broke down the varnish.

Averitt looks at the home he worked on, investing hard-earned money, blood, sweat and tears into, with a sadness in his eyes.

“It’s was our home, it’s just a damaged house now. I just want my home back.”

He isn’t sure how that’s going to happen after the force of the water caused his house to sink from its foundation.

The flood itself shook the little town its core: the post office is marred by a four foot water line darkening its dated brick.

Their fire station lies in ruin, decades of archived a muddy vestige of a bygone era when the department had cassette tapes on storage shelves. They’ll have to move, more than likely.

The town hotspot, Suzie Q’s, had water to the freezers. Where tables and chairs stood for happy customers is just dirt, debris and loss. They aren’t sure what insurance will cover. Many didn’t have flood insurance at all.

There was a flood in 1979, but nothing like this. It didn’t get past the fourth step of the Daniels home in ‘79. This time it got to the top. Their living room had 9 inches of their town creek inside of it.

But the community is banding together, stretching its arms out to each other in a way only small towns do. Small towns, big hearts. Averitt said without such dedicated neighbors and first responders, the story in Fulton would’ve been a tragedy. But now, it’s just a muddy, scary challenge. So they can have homes again, not just damaged houses.

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