Alabama senator seeks to eliminate requirement for concealed carry permits


    Senator Gerald Allen (R- Tuscaloosa) pre-filed a bill that would eliminate the requirement for concealed carry permits in Alabama.

    Allen says people should not have to pay money for a permit in order to exercise their second amendment right. He emphasized the permits would still be available as an option, just not required.

    The proposal is sparking a wide variety of opinions.

    Greg Monroe is a passionate gun owner. He told us why he supports Allen’s proposal to eliminate the requirement for concealed carry permits.

    “Not having to pay the sheriff’s office 20 or 30 dollars for a pistol permit- that’s great,” Monroe said. “That saves everybody money, especially since you don’t have to pay to exercise your right. But, I would like to see a class or something in place of that, that’s free.”

    Johnny, on the other hand, has concerns with the idea.

    “I feel like we need a concealed carry permit because that is going to check people’s backgrounds, give us an idea of who that person is, what that person’s about and are they qualified by all means of having a firearm,” he said.

    The Alabama Senate passed Senator Allen's bill in 2017. It did not pass the House, and never became law.

    He's trying again this year and tells ABC 33/40 he's optimistic about its chances.

    Johnny remains concerned about safety.

    “You need a permit that says I am legal,” he said. “I am sane enough to own a firearm.”

    Newly elected Lt. Governor Will Ainsworth is supporting Senator Allen in his quest to pass the measure. Ainsworth considers it a second amendment issue and a right for the people of Alabama.

    In 2017, part of the reason this bill did not pass was the fact that many sheriffs and police chiefs flooded public hearings in Montgomery, fiercely opposing the bill.

    The 2019 legislative session begins in March.

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