Alabama senator proposes option to donate part of tax returns to the border wall

Alabama Senator Del Marsh (img: WVTM)

VESTAVIA HILLS, Ala. (WVTM) — Alabama Senate President Pro Tem Del Marsh , R-Anniston, wants wants to give Alabamians the option to donate a portion of their tax return to the border security wall on the Mexico border.

Marsh is proposing a box on state tax return forms which would allow them to donate part of their tax refund to the non-profit We build the Wall, Inc.

Sen. Marsh said he has been hearing from many constituents that they want the wall built and would support it by making a donation.

If a donation box is added to the tax form, the amount would be up to the person making the donation. Marsh explained "It may be a dollar, it may be $5000, it'll be their choice. But they're sending a message to Washington that one, they support this President, two, they want safe borders, and they want the wall built."

In December 2018 the organizer behind the non-profit started a GoFundMe page to privately raise money for the border wall. That page raised more than $20-million.

Later, the organizer announced donations would go to his non-profit instead of directly to the federal government. After that GoFundMe allowed supporters to redirect their donations to the non-profit or get a refund.

Alabama already allows taxpayers to donate part of their returns to other designated organizations.

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