Alabama School of Math and Science acknowledges rape investigation

(image: MGN) Alabama School of Math and Science acknowledges rape investigation

In a letter sent to alumni, the Alabama School of Math & Science addressed rumors about the rape of a student that have been circulating on social media.

An investigation is now underway after rape allegations surfaced on social media involving two students.

The school says it can't share much information since it's an active investigation...

School officials did tell us the alleged attack did not happen on campus.

Mobile Police are investigating.

Statement from the ASMS Board of Directors:

Over the past few days, social media has been used to discuss an alleged rape of one of our students by another one of our students.

While a thorough, independent investigation is being conducted into the circumstances, claims and counter-claims - and as a result, we are limited to what can be said publicly during this time - we do want to assure you that this alleged attack did not occur on school property and we are doing eerything we can to establish the facts and find out what truly happened.

On behalf of the Board, every parent, student, faculty member and alumni of the Alabama School of Math & Science should know the following:

  1. When this alleged incident was first reported, the school's administration followed protocol to meet with the students in question, to hear both sides of their stories and to begin gathering a set of facts.
  2. In an attempt to establish and corroborate the facts, it appears one of the students changed their interpretation of the event. As such, the Mobile Police Dept. and the Mobile Co District Attorney's Office were immediately called to begin a criminal investigation.
  3. Because of the nature of these allegations, an internal school investigation was immediately launched by the school to look at not only the allegations but also the way in which this matter was being handled.
  4. As stated above, these are serious allegations and are being reviewed and investigated in a serious, thoughtful and thorough manner. The young lady who alleged that she was raped sent the Board an electronic letter on Friday outlining her concerns. Our board chairman immediately contacted our school attorney, Mr. Bob Campbell, and together we drafted a response to the student; it was mailed certified mail to her at her home address. Moreover, our board chairman wrote a Memo that was approved by Mr. Campbell and was sent to the Board; the memo included a redacted copy of the student's letter as well as the Board's response to her.
  5. Rape is a crime, punishable by our legal system, and is a serious matter. We are confident that our Administrators and Faculty fully understand that when a rape allegation has been made, that every step must be taken to ensure that the allegations are treated with the highest degree of professionalism. That said, the Board does not intend to conduct this investigation on social media platforms, and we have no plans to make any additional comments until such time that all the investigations are complete. We did, however, believe it was necessary to reassure our students, our our parents and our alumni - as well as the public at large - that this matter is beinf treated in the most serious way possible.

Thank you for your continued support of ASMS.

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