Alabama Department of Public Health: Sewage spill notice for Baldwin County


The Alabama Dept. of Public Health issued a public notice of a sewage spill in Fairhope on Sunday evening (Feb. 11). You can read the entire statement below:

According to a report received from the City of Fairhope Utilities today, heavy rainfall caused a sewer spillin the area of the Valley Street Lift Station (Middle Street and Dogwood Ave). An estimated 1,000-10,000 gallons of sewage discharged to a drainage ditch that leads to Big Head Gully, Tatumville Gully, and Mobile Bay. The health department urges residents to exercise caution if using these water bodies for recreational purposes. Also, thoroughly cook any fish or seafood caught nearby and wash hands after handling fish or seafood.

Contact the City of Fairhope Utilities for sewer spill details.

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