Robertsdale gets multi-million dollar manufacturer, dozens of jobs available

We're getting our first look at the latest multi-million dollar company to call Baldwin County home.

AdvanTec, one of the largest marine manufacturers in the world, is opening up shop in Robertsdale and bringing dozens of jobs.

Officials are calling it a win/win because Advantec gets its first location along the Gulf Coast and Baldwin County continues to prove it's a rising market for new, big time investors.

The Robertsdale Industrial Park is ground zero for Baldwin County's newest multi-million dollar investor.

NBC 15 got a look inside the building which will house AdvanTec, a global marine manufacturer with ties to the northwest and Canada.

The roughly 40,000 square-foot building will be filled with machinery and staff hard at work on heavy duty windows, doors and other closures often used on ships and mega-yachts.

"The products that we build are central to the Gulf of Mexico. With all the industry and shipyards down here so being close by and since we're working with those folks, we couldn't ask for more," said Charlie Moore, Industry Specialist with AdvanTec.

AdvanTec often works with Austal and other local ship builders so creating their first facility on the Gulf Coast is a no-brainer.

But why did AdvanTec choose Baldwin County?

Lee Lawson with the Baldwin County Economic Development Alliance said it took them years of work as well as good timing.

"Almost 4 years ago we talked to them about locating in our area and the timing didn't work out then and the right site wasn't open for them at that time," Lawson said, "We stayed in touch with them and it came back around where they had the need and the demand."

AdvanTec is leasing out their building from HydraTech, a Robertsdale company no longer in need of all the space.

According to officials, AdvanTec will bring nearly 50 jobs with a payroll of around $2.5 million.

Robertsdale Mayor Charles Murphy said this is a great way to continue diversifying employment for our area.

"Basically, the big employer within the county is the tourism industry and then the retail sector. So any time we can bring meaningful manufacturing jobs into the community, we've done something really well," said Murphy.

Officials say they're hopeful this could bring even more manufacturing companies into Baldwin County in the near future.

AdvanTec plans to be up and running sometime in April. They have open positions for the Robertsdale facility listed on their website.

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