Active shooter training exercises taking place Thursday in Fairhope


FAIRHOPE, Ala. (WPMI) - Training for active shooter scenarios at Baldwin County schools may be the new normal. Lessons from around the country were put to the test today in Fairhope.

Students and staff at both Fairhope middle and high schools jumped into action along with officers responding to a real life test of what "god forbid" could or might happen.

The mock exercise was planned more than a year ago. And for the more than 200 officers, paramedics and law enforcement participating today, the exercise couldn’t have been more timely.

"We had multiple critical, multiple injured and several walking wounded and one dead shooter who was killed by law enforcement," said Logan Chandler with Medstar EMS.

Today's drill was a real life test on response time, training and cooperation between agencies.

"Everybody comes together - we proved that Monday night and it was solidified again today that in Baldwin county it doesn’t the shape or the color of your badge or the color of your uniform when those words all out, when those words come and are put over the radio you can absolutely expect an immediate response, " said Baldwin County Sheriff Huey Mack Jr.

Today's drill was a real-life test on response time, training and cooperation among agencies.

By the time students return from spring break, single entry intercoms will have been installed at all the schools.

By the end of 2018 the plan is to hire permanent resource officers to patrol each and every school, every day.

"We take these things seriously and we are going to step up to the plate," said Fairhope Police Chief Joe Petties.

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