Accused Mobile cop killer pleads not guilty

(image: WPMI) Accused cop killer expected in court

MOBILE, Ala. (WPMI) - Accused cop killer, Marco Perez, plead not guilty to capital murder in the death of Officer Sean Tuder.

The defendant appeared in court Monday afternoon for his arraignment.

This was the first time the 19-year-old appeared in the courtroom at government plaza since the murder of Officer Sean Tuder.

Marco Perez’s grandmother was the only family member to show up for his court hearing.

His parents told NBC 15 they’d be cutting ties with their disgraced son immediately after Officer Sean Tuder’s murder.

“He didn’t just destroy the officer’s family, he destroyed our family,” Perez’s father told us on the evening of Officer Tuder’s murder.

Monday, Perez’s parents stuck to their word and were nowhere to be seen at the hearing.

There were two full rows Officer Tuder’s Mobile police colleagues and National Guard unit members.

Perez came into the courtroom wearing the fallen hero’s handcuffs engraved with the name “Tuder.” — a tribute NBC 15 showed you exclusively last week.

Monday, Perez’s attorney raised the issue during the hearing.

“We are only preserving the record for how it may impact my client legally,” attorney Dennis Knizley said.

“We had nothing to do with the choice of handcuffs that Marco Perez was brought over in,” Mobile County District Attorney Ashley Rich said, adding “That is completely the jail’s decision. That’s a decision they made.”

The defense also made a request to have these cuffs switched out in the future.

“It’s quite unusual, it’s not necessary,” Knizley said, adding “Let’s just treat everyone like you would anyone else accused of an offense.”

At the request of Perez’s attorney, Mobile County Sheriff’s Office tells NBC 15 they are returning the engraved handcuffs to the Mobile Police Department. Perez will be cuffed with regular hand cuffs moving forward.

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