911 call before AMBER alert reveals moment suspect turned himself in

(Image:WPMI)911 call made in AMBER alert case reveals moment suspect turned himself in

JoQuincy McCord, 27, is accused of killing his estranged wife, Brittany McCord, in Pascagoula, then taking their two- year-old daughter to Mobile.

It all came to an end at a west Mobile gas station with McCord in handcuffs and the child in safe hands.

It was McCord who called 9-1-1 and turned himself in after giving the toddler to a relative.

NBC 15 obtained a copy of the 9-1-1 call today.

Here it is in full.

9-1-1 Operator: Mobile 9-1-1, what’s the address of the emergency?

Caller: I need to speak with Mobile Police Department please.

9-1-1 Operator: Okay, do you need them to come out to you or just need to speak to them over the phone?

Caller: Uhh, this is JoQuincy McCord, I want to turn myself in.

9-1-1 Operator: Okay. Stay on the line for me. One moment. Hello? Mobile Police, are you on the line?

Caller: Yes ma’am.

9-1-1 Operator: One moment sir, I’m waiting on them to pick up for me.

MPD Operator: Mobile Police Operator 34

9-1-1 Operator: 9-1-1 transferring a citizen requesting to speak to officers wanting to turn himself in. Go ahead sir.

Caller: How you doing ma’am? My name is JoQuincy McCord. I want to turn myself in.

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