740-lb Marlin caught by young woman in Orange Beach

(img: WPMI) 745 pound Marlin caught by young woman in Orange Beach

A young woman from Louisiana caught a massive Blue Marlin to put her team in the lead of the Orange Beach Billfish Classic tournament on Friday.

The 740 pound catch puts “Done Deal” in front of the competition with only one day remaining.

It took nearly a dozen men to get the massive Marlin out of the boat but one woman reeled it in.

Katie Gonsoulin, 21, pulled the massive 118 inch, 740 pound fish in around 7:45 Thursday night after about an hour and 20 minute fight in the Gulf.

Gonsoulin said she knew it was huge as soon as it got on the line.

“Then all of a sudden the fish started charging at the boat and of course, all the boys scatter and I’m sitting in the chair by myself and I’m like ‘Oh ok!’,” said Gonsoulin, “We finally got it in. The guys stuck gaffs in it and it took all of them to pull it in and there it was. We’re celebrating,”

Katie has been fishing professionally for around 5 years and was brought into the game by her father John Gonsoulin. She said this is her biggest catch.

It might be the most timely because it puts her and her father’s team into the lead of the Orange Beach Billfish Classic, a tournament involving 53 boats with more than $1 million on the line.

As the fish was weighed, Katie and her team celebrated. She also enjoyed a proud moment with her father.

“It means the world to watch your child get in there doing what she really enjoys. She does such a fabulous job,” John Gonsoulin said.

“It’s fun to be there with him and he teaches me so much about fishing. I’ve learned a lot from my mom too,” said Katie Gonsoulin.

The 740 pound catch is shy of the State record of 845 pounds.

However, it will likely be hard to beat in this year’s tournament.

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