$5.4 billion plane order to be filled in Mobile

(image: WPMI) $5.4 billion plane order to be filled in Mobile

Mobile is building them and now customers are lining up to buy them- lots of them.

We're talking about a new agreement between Airbus and Bombardier to build a new A-220 passenger jet that will be made right here in Mobile.

NBC 15's Darwin Singleton learned there's a new customer for these jets.

It's a name that might sound familiar to those on the assembly line in Mobile

Delta is already dedicated to a big buy of the new A-220 jets, and now Jet Blue has committed to buying 60 of them, which will be assembled right here in the port city.

The total cost? A whopping $5.4 billion.

According to an article in Forbes magazine, Jet Blue expects to receive 5 of of the 60 planes in 2020, with the remainder of the order stretching out through the year 2025.

JetBlue is also purchasing 85 new airbus A-321 neo jetliners between now and 2024.

That's a total of 151 new planes for JetBlue, with most, if not all ,being built right here in Mobile.

The article says JetBlue has an option of ordering 60 more A-220's in the year 2025.

This is just JetBlue's order, meaning Brookley plane builders will have plenty of work in the next decade and beyond.

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