2020 U.S. Census counting undocumented immigrants, implications for Alabama

2020 U.S. Census counting illegal immigrants, implications for Alabama (IMG:WPMI)

Governor Kay Ivey is reminding Alabamians to do their homework and fill out their census forms. A lot of people ignore the population count that comes every ten years, but the Governor says, this year, every person counts more than ever.

Monday, she announced a commission to push people to fill out the survey forms they receive.

It's how the government counts people and how a lot of things including federal funding are determined.

"You know, I want to make it really clear, it is of the utmost importance that Alabama has maximum participation in this census," said Ivey.

The 2020 census is more important than ever because the government is changing who it counts, and that has major implications for Alabama.

The Census Bureau plans to count undocumented immigrants in 2020, but that could be bad news for Alabama because we don't have a large immigrant community.

There are only 435 representatives in the US house, and they're distributed by population. Shaking up the population count could shift around a lot of seats to states like California and Texas, costing Alabama not only a vote in the house, but also an electoral vote for president.

Right now, we have 9 electoral votes. Attorney General Steve Marshall and Congressman Mo Brooks have filed a lawsuit to block the Census Bureau's change, claiming it's unconstitutional.

Congressman Bradley Bryne thinks it's a bad idea too.

"We could lose another electoral vote too, but we can lose a house seat. So, I am opposed to counting people who are not citizens of the United States in the census of the United States."

Since everyone is counted in the census, it's the one time people who can't vote can change the outcome of future elections.

That's why filling out your form is so important.

You won't receive the census for several more months, but when you do, elected leaders urge you to fill it out and return it.

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