200,000 gallons of raw sewage spills in Daphne

(SOURCE: WPMI) Mobile Bay Keeper plans to meet with Daphne Utility officials to learn more about how the plant operates next week.

200,000 gallons of raw sewage spilled in Daphne and some of it has flowed right into Mobile Bay. All part of the growing pains of more and more people moving to the Eastern Shore.

Officials say the spill happened during scheduled maintenance to make way for the continued population boom. Officials say it was an accident. The spill happened shortly after midnight on Sunday. The environmental impact seems to be minimal.

D'Olive Creek in Daphne runs right into Mobile Bay, it also runs right behind the Daphne Utilities waste water treatment plant. Cade Kistler is with local environmental group Mobile Bay Keeper. "Immediately when you see 200,000 gallons spilled on a dry day you wonder why and how it happened, I reached out to Daphne Utilities," said Kistler.

200,000 gallons of sewage did spill but according to utility officials the vast majority was contained. They're not certain just how much actually made it into the bay. It all happened when a temporary by- pass pump failed during efforts to upgrade treatment to handle increased sewage flow capacity.

"We brought in two pumps one as a redundant but unfortunately one of the pumps. The piping from that pump failed overnight about midnight Sunday morning and we discovered it around 6am in the morning," said Danny Lyndall General Manager at Daphne Utilities.

The by- pass pipe has since been repaired and the upgrade to handle increased capacity is back on schedule.

"We've continued to flush clean water through the site and cleaned up our site, but also to run clean water across the land where the waste water went and off into D'Olive creek," said Lyndall.

"This incident was unfortunate and potentially is was tough to foresee how it occurred but having those sewer overflows go on over time as they have in Mobile and Baldwin Counties it’s something that concerns us, " said Kistler.

Mobile Bay Keeper plans to meet with Daphne Utility officials to learn more about how the plant operates next week.

After this spill there will be someone on site 24 hours, until the upgrade is completed by the end of the week.

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