2 Alabama kids staring down the barrel of a gun make a bold move

(WBMA) 2 Alabama kids staring down the barrel of a gun make a bold move

UPDATE (WEDNESDAY): The suspected robber who held the young children at gunpoint has been charged with robbery and burglary, among other crimes.


TARRANT, Ala. (WBMA) - Tuesday morning, 10-year-old Erik Francisco and his 9-year-old sister Onayda didn't think they were going to see another day.

"I see this guy pointing a gun at me, and I started begging him not to shoot me," said Erik.

They were at the mercy of a man who had broken into their home off Hatchet Avenue in Tarrant - until Erik realized a higher power was at play.

"I [thought I] might still have a little chance and I'm a little kid, and also I believed in God since he did a bunch of miracles back then, [so] there's no difference. So from there I just hoped for the best of God, [that] he [would] help me a little, so apparently he did," said Erik.

As the man was forcing the children into the bathroom, Erik saw his opportunity. He grabbed his phone.

"My parents don't like me playing on my phone, so I'm kind of an expert hider of my phone, so I knew what to do there," said Erik.

"I thought he was about to play on his phone," said Onayda.

She almost gave the sneaky snag away.

"I was about to yell, 'Erik why are you about to play on your phone?' We're in this big situation, you should not be playing. You should call the police or something," said Onayda.

But that's exactly what he did.

He called four times, each time getting a bit more courage to finally speak loud enough for dispatch to hear what they were saying.

"I believe in God, so he gave me some sort of bravery in my heart that made me feel like nothing could stop me right there," said Erik.

While Onayda still doesn't think her big brother should be spending as much time on his phone, she sure is glad he was able to use it Tuesday.

"I got scared, I was freaking out, I thought that was the end for me too...[but] I'm very proud of him [for saving us]," said Onayda.

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