10 AM Sunday alcohol sales approved by Mobile City Council

(IMG:WPMI) 10 AM Sunday alcohol sales approved by Mobile City Council

What comes first: the egg or the cocktail?

Sunday brunch without a bottomless mimosa or Bloody Mary, just isn't worth it for some folks.

However, on Tuesday, the Mobile City Council unanimously approved an ordinance allowing people to purchase alcohol within city limits at 10:00 am on Sundays instead of noon.

NBC 15's Nicole Fierro went downtown to see just how much this could impact the Port City.

"Mimosas. That's kind of part of the brunch experience," frequent Mobile Visitor Kent Kaplan said.

"Oh yeah, that's what's up because I've got three kids and I need my brunch time," brunch enthusiast Alexis McDaniel said.

Kicking off cocktails two hours earlier has customers plotting out their new Sunday plans and restaurants looking at a wider window to bring in more dough.

"I'm excited! I’m going to have two drinks over here, Patron margaritas, and two drinks down here," McDaniel said.

The Downtown Mobile Alliance says some local restaurants are counting up to 30 percent of their Sunday revenue flowing from booze.

"It will allow people to buy more cocktails, which in turn will allow me to create more cocktails and introduce more things," Southern National's Beverage Director William Jones said.

"Especially during football season, it will help out," Heroes Sports Bar Manager Shawn Acker said, adding "we are considering opening up a little bit earlier now since we can start selling alcohol earlier."

The new rule is uncorking new opportunities to make more out of the weekend.

"I would definitely come at an earlier hour and spend more time there," Kaplan said.

For those hoping to buy their own alcohol early on Sundays, grocery stores do not fall within the limits of this ordinance.

The ordinance will go into effect as soon as the city is able to print the ordinance in the pages of the Press-Register. The Downtown Mobile Alliance says this will likely happen but this Sunday, if not next.

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