Taren It Up: Wildlife Hunting with Airboat Express

MOBILE/BALDWIN COUNTIES, Ala. (WPMI) Something fun to do this summer, when it's especially hot is hop on a boat. Well consider a different type of boat: an airboat. Local 15's Taren Reed jumped aboard the Airboat Express.

If you drive by too fast, you'll miss it. Airboat Express is nestled behind the Oyster House on the Causeway.

"Alligators, birds. The birds are absolutely gorgeous. We still have some flowers out this time of year. We actually see fish jump out of the water sometimes which is pretty neat and then just the gorgeous delta. Beautiful vegetation and cyprus trees," said Brittany Woodliff with Airboat Express.

An hour long ride, and you'll see all of that. We tested it out on our own, and Airboat Express delivered. And we weren't alone, We joined the Liedel family from Virginia. It was their first time.

Our first stop in the Mobile Tensaw Delta, and we rode up on two big alligators.

"How big of an alligator did we see today?" asked Reed

"Nine inches," said Caleb Liedel.

"Nine inches?" asked Reed.

"So you measure from the bump on the alligators nose to the base of the alligators eyes. However long that gap that is in inches, is how long the alligator is in feet," said Woodliff. "So if it looks like nine inches, it's a nine foot alligator."

Huge lily pads, ospreys and moorhen birds were also on tap.

Our ride wrapped up with a little bit of speed before heading back to dock. The kids and we didn't mind one bit. The air gave us some relief from the heat.

"What was your favorite part about the ride?" asked Reed.

"Getting to see the alligators," said Caleb.

"The same thing as him," added Joshua Liedel. "Yea, that was fun."

CLICK HERE to visit Airboat Express online.
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