Mobile police-community basketball game


Play together, Stay drug-free. That's the motto of the "Fatherhood Initiative" program, a program that teaches men how to be real fathers to their sons. One part of the program has dads with their sons battling it out on the courts. It's a game about fun and it's a game that's a teaching a lesson.

Lee Lafitte is with the Mobile police department.

He and his son Cameron are playing together on a team against fathers and their sons from Eichold Mertz elementary school.

The purpose is to create a bond between fathers and their sons, a bond that will teach sons to be more responsible, stay off the streets and out of trouble and to stay drug-free. It's the brain child of 5th grade student Ratt Ford. Ratt is the red ribbon student at Eichold Mertz; it's their drug-free initiative.

The police department was more than willing to jump in and shoot some hoops, it allowed them to also push their fatherhood initiative, a program that tries to get fathers active and play a huge role in their children's lives.

Officer Lafitte's son says he couldn't be happier to team up with his dad.

The Fatherhood Initiative also includes a series of classes taught at the Mobile county jail as well.

The goal is to teach inmates how to be better parents when they are released to help stop the cycle of family members becoming incarcerated.

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