Guns Down, Reels Up teaches kids to fish

(IMAGE: WPMI) This day more then 50 kids took part in the fishing outing.

In most cities, teen crime goes up when school is out, and Mobile is certainly no different.

This year, one mentoring group says 'not on their watch'. They're keeping youth busy and off the streets by teaching them how to fish.

It's their way of fighting back against crime in the community.

From pre-schoolers to high schoolers, dozens of Mobile city kids are being taught to pick up a reel and learn how to fish.

The kids are excited over a new found love of the sport. It's also a way to keep them off the streets and out of trouble.

These gentlemen are the masterminds behind the guns down reels up mentoring initiative. We visited with them several months ago when they first decided to launch this program.

Then they said, fishing was a way to relax, release tension, a way they wanted to teach Mobile youth to deal with frustration at the same time teaching them a sport and giving them a skill to put food on their tables.

This day more then 50 kids took part in the fishing outing. Fun that will translate one day, these gentlemen hope, into saving hundreds of lives.

For more information head to the Facebook page.

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