Craig T. Nelson and Holly Hunter never met while filming 'The Incredibles'

Holly Hunter attends the "Incredibles 2" premiere in Los Angeles, June 5, 2018. (Apega/WENN)

Onscreen husband and wife Craig T. Nelson and Holly Hunter did not meet until last year despite starring in animated film "The Incredibles" together in 2004.

Nelson explains they never recorded their voice parts together when they starred in the first film, but he was able to listen to her acting so he could get a sense of how he should perform.

"No one records together," he told chat show "The Talk" on Thursday. "The first one I did with (Samuel L.) Jackson, but we were having too much fun so they split us up."

"It's really amazing because it just gives you the insight into how they structure everything and how it's edited and these conversations can overlap and they can have the same energy," he continued. "In the recording studio, they would sometimes play (me) some excerpts that Holly had done so (I) got a feeling of the energy level, but no, we never met."

Nelson and Hunter reprise their roles as Bob and Helen Parr in "The Incredibles 2," which was released in the U.S. on June 15.

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