Your Voice, Your Future Debate : The Mobile Mayoral Debate

Your Voice, Your Future - The Mobile Mayoral Debate


Incumbent Mayor Sandy Stimpson will face off against former Mayor Sam Jones in a 1-hour debate for Local 15's Your Voice Your Future: The Mobile Mayoral Debate.

The debate will be televised live from 6PM-7PM Monday, Aug 7 on WPMI and streamed on

We had a pair of thresholds that had to be met in order to participate in the Local 15 News debate. One was based on polling; If a candidate did not have a support base of 5 percent or more the candidate was not included.

In the two polls that have been conducted since May, two of the candidates failed to meet this threshold.

To go one step further, if the candidate did not meet the polling threshold, there was still another option to be eligible to participate; We also had a fundraising threshold of $5,000. If a candidate raised at least $5,000 by the last financial reporting date, which shows support from the community, then the candidate would be invited. Neither of these thresholds was met by two of the candidates that entered in this race.

Having thresholds is not unusual in determining who participates in a debate. Even Presidential debates have specific thresholds for including candidates in forums.

All candidates will have profiles created by Local 15 and be interviewed prior to the August 22 voting date.

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