Mississippi GOP candidate in hot water again over comments

(image: WPMI) Mississippi GOP candidate in hot water again over comments

The GOP candidate in Mississippi's Senate run-off is finding herself in hot water.

The spokesman for Democratic challenger Mike Espy says Republican Cindy Hyde-Smith "embarrasses" Mississippi when she talks about making voting more difficult.

A video released Thursday shows Hyde-Smith talking about "liberal folks" and making it "just a little more difficult" for them to vote.

Espy campaign spokesman Danny Blanton says "voting rights were obtained through sweat and blood."

This comes after a video released Sunday showed Hyde-Smith praising a supporter by saying: "if he invited me to a public hanging, i'd be on the front row."

Critics said the comment had a racial connotation in the context of Mississippi's history of lynching.

Hyde-Smith said in a statement soon after the remark was posted that she "referred to accepting an invitation to a speaking engagement" and "used an exaggerated expression of regard."

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