New programs and classrooms for Baldwin County

(IMG:WPMI) New reading program in store for Baldwin County schools.

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BALDWIN CO., Ala. (WPMI) - Baldwin County Public Schools are heading back to the classroom on Monday, August 21 for a new school year with some exciting new changes in store.

Three schools in Baldwin County will officially open up their new additions on campus, which is a total of 38 classrooms. These projects at Central Baldwin Middle, Elberta and Elsanor Elementary school are the first projects completed in the school system’s pay-as-you-go capital improvement plans.

The school system is also implementing a new reading program called ‘Guided Reading Initiative’ which allows students to choose books they want to read, with teacher approval, and form small groups to read the book. Baldwin County tested this program last year with the goal for it to raise reading scores. This initiative did raise scores in the county so all elementary and middle schools will participate this year, along with some high schools.

Superintendent Eddie Tyler says morale is at an all-time high throughout the school system and he expects Baldwin County to have a great first day and school year.

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