Crossing guards keeping school zones safe

(STOCK IMAGE: WPMI) Crossing guards keeping school zones safe

School zones can be a dangerous area when students are trying to get to class, that’s why Mobile has more than 60 crossing guards working to keep your children safe.

Lisa Tew is one the newest crossing guards who is finishing up her training and soon she will be assigned a school zone.

“I’ve been in training a little over 2 weeks now. Different intersections including Broad and Government, Hillcrest and Grelot, we went to about 4 intersections a day for training,” said Lisa Tew.

In her 2 weeks of training, Lisa says she has seen plenty of drivers not obeying the laws when driving through school zones. One distraction she seemed to notice, drivers using their cell phones.

“I think it’s a little bit of both, the phone is definitely an issue. Having that phone in your hand. With it only being the 2nd day of school they aren’t used to the school zones. If only they would pay attention to the flashing lights,” added Tew.

She says its more than just getting people to slow down, Lisa also wants people to realize the importance of her job; a job where she hopes to make a difference.

“It’s about protecting the kids so that they can have a better day at school. Some of them may not be having a good morning but if I can change that by just a smile and ‘have a good day,” said Tew.

Drivers should remember when the lights are flashing in a school zone, that means the speed limit is 15MPH. For drivers who are caught speeding through a school zone, you will face a fine of more than $100.

According to Mobile Police, here are the number of citations issued on the First Day of School in Mobile:

Total number of speeding citations issued: 46

Other citations (such as not wearing seat belts/child restraints, expired tag, no insurance, no driver license) issued: 96

The area of Girby at Lloyds Lane at Cranford Burns Middle School had the highest number for speeding citations written, followed by Calloway-Smith Middle School located at Beauregard at Lawrence Street.

The Mobile Police Department will continue to monitor the school zones. Help us remind drivers to slow down while passing through these areas.

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