Bus Driver Certifications

(image: WPMI) Bus Driver Certifications

Bus drivers are just as important as any other school employee, and parents want to know that your child's bus driver is certified to do the job right getting your kid to and from school safely.

We spoke with Mobile County School System's Transportation Director about the requirements it takes to be a school bus driver.

First the department will do a background check on the driver.

Second they do a driver check in turns of making sure their license has not hits against them and they are able to drive.

The qualifications for a bus driver position require certain licenses like:

A valid alabama driver's license.

Must have a valid commercial driver's license (CDL).

Must have completed the mandatory bus driving class.

Must have a valid Alabama state bus driver's license.

Once all all of that is complete, the training process begins, which will take about 3 months to complete.

On top of all the requirements drivers must complete, Pat Mitchell says the drivers also work year-round to keep up their credentials.

Mitchell also tells us they are still looking to hire additional bus drivers,not because they are short drivers, but just to be able to offset unforeseen situations.

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