Baldwin County goes back to school

(IMAGE: WPMI) Baldwin County goes back to school

Remember the first day day of school as a kindergarten student? For both kids and parents, it's truly a momentous occasion.

For some, it's emotional, but most of all, it's a time to celebrate.

It was hard to contain the excitement for some. Take Janay Lee on her first day of Kindergarten. Her parents, Treisa and Kurt Le,e have seen this before, but the tears were still flowing. It's hard to let go.

"Yes, she's the baby of five, so I would have thought I'd be OK, but this morning, I got a little emotional about it. Oh my goodness, she's really going to school," said Treisa Lee.

Other parents opted to capture the big moment on camera, and why not?

"I mean, it's a little sad, but he's so excited. It's hard not to excited so," said mom Meagan Nailer.

For some, being that "kid brother" makes the journey a little easier.

"His big brother is here to help him, so we're good to go," said mom Jessica Lee.

Truly a special moment for so many parents on the first day of school.

"Especially since she was adopted, so she really hasn't been here in the states very long. I didn't think I was going to cry today, but I definitely am. Before or after? I'll cry after and now. She's very exited though," said mom Mary Littlehare.

So don't blink! Everyone here has their eyes wide open!

This year, Baldwin County schools will boast expanded security at all schools including armed resource officers at every school.

This year middle and high schools will have a relaxed dress code. The revised policy includes no shirts with pictures that could be offensive, no sleeveless garments and skirts should be mid-thigh or fingertip length.

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