Back to School: Confidential drug testing

(Source: WPMI) Any Lab Test Now! offers confidential drug testing for students

If your child was doing drugs, how would you know for sure? As school goes back in session, your young student can be exposed to influences that can lead to bad decisions.

But there is a way you can know for sure, drug testing done at your request. The results would be for your eyes only.

Drugs are out there, and a child is not always truthful. As parents, sometimes you have to know for sure, before a problem gets out of hand.

"It only enables you to and empowers you to be a better parent and help get the child the help they need," said Mikeal Donalt, Any Lab Test Now!

Donalt owns Any Lab Test Now!. He says it's a place where parents can take their children for a confidential drug test. For some parents, the beginning of school is a good time to hit the reset button.

"The benefits of testing before school would be to figure out what's been going on during the summer to see what their activity, their pattern has been," he recommended. "You have a baseline and can continue to test throughout the year and kind of know what their patterns are, with their friends they've been hanging out with, or if they've started some new bad habits."

Donalt recommends two types of testing. One is a urine test, which provides results in as little as 15 minutes. The other is a hair sample test, which takes abut five to seven business days and can detect drugs taken up to six months prior.

The urine test costs $49. The hair test, $189

"Our goal is to get you in and out in about 15 minutes, so it doesn't take too much of your time," he said.

When they say confidential, they mean it.

"And actually, we own this test after its done, so it's out property. So all of these things made us feel really comfortable about coming here."

Any Lab Test Now! has locations in Daphne and Pensacola. Click HERE to visit their website.

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