Tech Gift Guide: Tripods for your cellphone

Tripods for your cellphone.

Most of us have been somewhere and wanted to take a group photo or video, but didn't have an extra hand. There's a gadget just for that. Local 15's Taren Reed is introducing us to Stance in this week's tech gift guide.

The Stance is a tiny pocket-knife looking gadget will do the dirty work for you, holding your phone horizontal or vertical, allowing you to get the perfect shot. The device expands, fits into your phone's lightning port, and makes it easy for you to stream live videos, take photos, even video chat.

"As phones do more and more than just make phone calls, it's more relevant that they're hands free,"said Trevor Norlock, VP of sales at Kenu.

Norlock is absolutely right. We want our phones to do everything. But realistically, it can't. The Stance meets those hands-free needs.

"We want people to be able to enjoy using their devices but in doing so understand that sometimes if you're reading a long article or if you want to do a timelapse, you will need to have your phone be independent of you," Norlock added.

Stance claims to be the first "tripod specifically designed to safely mount into your phone's charging port." So we put it to the test. Here's how it works: Kick out the side legs, the middle post is the main leg. The two side ones will slip behind that, and done. You're Stance is open and ready to go.

"You can use it in landscape mode. You can use it in traditional mode as well," Norlock said.

Love it yet? If not, there's something else. Stance is giving you a chance to put your timelapse skills to the test. Take your best timelapse video using Stance and share it to social using the #kenu or #stancetimelapse. The winner will get $1,000 worth of Kenu products.

As a holiday tech gift, we approve.

You can find it at Target and Best Buy, and online at for $24.95.

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