Tech Gift Guide: Gaming mouse for professionals and non-gamers


We're in the thick of the holiday shopping season. So before you hit the store and spend hundreds of dollars on a professional gaming mouse, check out the Retikal.

Whether you're into first person shooter games or you just need a mouse for your office, the Retikal is listening. From programmable software buttons to multiple user profiles, we tested it out.

Local 15 Photographer Mike Reedy took the mouse home and gave it a whirl.

"Certain games I stuck with the mouse that I was testing out, and then other games I was like I gotta go back to my original mouse." he said. "Once I got used to it, I almost fell in love with it."

The Retikal gets its name from the cross hairs of a scope, known as the Retikal.

"The Retikal features a sniper button that lowers the DPI setting of the mouse when it's pressed so that on screen movement becomes slower and much more accurate," said Derek Hamilton, Product Manager at IOGear.

"People who like a faster mouse can just increase the setting," Reedy added. "You really need to hone on in how fast your mouse moves across the screen."

The mouse also includes tuning weights, so you can fit it to your standards.

Reedy said, "I prefer a lighter mouse. A lot of people like to have a heavier mouse that way it's easier to control, but I like to move things real fast."

It's a Windows based mouse and can save up to five user profiles. You can switch between profiles with the touch of a button.

"Since the profiles are stored within the mouse, you can actually unplug the mouse and take it to a friend's house or game on another computer," Hamilton said.

Reviews on the Retikal have been great. Our photographer Mike Reedy says the only downfall, he couldn't reach the cross hair button on the mouse.

This can be used at your desk too. It's not just for gaming. So consider it for the person who works from home, or who is stuck at a desk all day.

As a holiday gift, we give this one a go, especially with the $34.95 price tag. A mouse similar would cost you double.

Click HERE for a list of retailers that carry the Retikal.

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