Tech Gift Guide: Clock runs solely on water

(Source: Bedol What's Next on Youtube)

Chances are many of you have already purchased a gift or two for the holidays. Hold off on that shopping until you read this - there's a clock that runs solely on water.

The Bedol Water Clock is a digital clock featuring an alarm, and it runs on water. Just fill it to the line on the back, and a reaction between the two metallic plates inside will generate enough electricty to power the clock.

Absolutely no batteries needed.

"The ions that naturally are in water along with the metal that's in the clock creates a current that enables it to power the clock," said creator Mike Bedol.

Bedol said the clock is a great tech tool during severe weather. Imagine you're power is out and you're out of batteries, the water clock would be a great resource.

It comes in four models, and a list of colors like blueberry and kiwi. Bedol said it's something he's been working on for some time.

"The eco-friendliness part of it is a market that I really would like to kind of market towards," Bedol told Local 15's Taren Reed.

So, does it work? We tested a blueberry model for about a week. Be sure you put enough water in the back, set AM or PM, and you're ready to go. The test clock is still working, and Bedol said he's not surprised.

"After about a year or more, depending on the water that you have in your area, over here it works more than a year before you just change the water. And then it keeps on working," he said. "It's something you have to water less than what you water a plant."

A Bedol Water Clock will cost you anywhere between $19 and $39.

As a holiday gift guide, we give this one a thumbs up!

Click HERE to visit Bedol Water Clock online.

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