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    In an effort to provide Service Dogs to everyone in need, Service Dogs Alabama is doing everything they can to educate those who wish to contribute to SDA as well as those looking for a dog.

    One frequently asked question is, 'What is the best breed for a Service Dog?'

    Answer: Labrador Retrievers!

    Labs are great with adults, children, and other dogs. They are easily trained to be tolerant of stressful situations, including loud and crowded environments, emotional distress displayed by their owner, and unexpected changes.

    Labs easily endure rigorous training and, in fact, enjoy working 24/7. Labs are reliable in public, and they are not fearful or excited when working.

    Even highly skilled/trained Labs will retain a loving and playful attitude. Labs are compact enough to fit easily under a table in a restaurant dogs yet sturdy enough to support a walking harness.

    Psi is such a great passenger.

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    Labs are easy to bathe (and enjoy it) and to keep clean. They do not have excessive hair and can be shedded (with a Furminator) to minimize shedding.

    Those are many reasons why Labrador Retrievers have been the #1 dog in the United States for the last 20 years!

    Follow our Service Dog in training's journey HERE!

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