Local 15's Jasmine Williams on Women in Leadership; panel at Spring Hill College


Local 15’s Jasmine Williams spoke at Spring Hill College to talk about women’s rights, career choices, and being a “modern day” woman in the workforce.

Jasmine joined a group of women on Monday, March 20 for the “Women in Leadership: A Seat at the Table” panel. During an informal discussion, she yielded several questions from students about her personal life, managing being a working mother, and explained the challenges women face in the professional world.

The event was hosted by the Student Affairs Diversity and Inclusion Committee and was held in honor of Women’s History Month.

Jasmine was joined by a group of powerful women including:

  • Jennifer Greene, Marine Scientist for Nature Conservancy
  • Rhonda Shirazi, Vice President of Finance at Spring Hill College
  • Laury Rowland, Public Safety Officer at Spring Hill College
  • Dr. Jennifer Scalici, OBGYN at the USA Mitchell Cancer Institute
  • Paige Guillory, Pre-Med Student at Spring Hill College
  • Jasmine is a proud Spring Hill graduate and was honored to be back on campus.
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