Out 'N About: Soul Food at Annie's Kitchen

PRICHARD, Ala. (WPMI) Let's talk Prichard and what the city has to offer, including soul food. Local 15's Taren Reed talked to the folks behind the grub at Annie's Kitchen, and even tried some herself.

"Pretty much any southern food you could ask for, we have it all. Our most signature items are our chitlins, my mom's famous collard greens, and we have Chef Knowles' meat loaf. Those are our most popular dishes. We sell them all the time. You can't miss out on them," said owner Derrick Griffith.

Chef Knowles is Tamara Knowles. She says she puts the oomph behind each dish she prepares.

"I put a lot of love in that food. It's just a lot of love, flavors and herbs and bunch of vegetables. I just give it love and it taste the way it does," she said.

Knowles says her favorite dishes to make and eat would have to be the meat loaf, banana pudding or the roast beef.

Annie's Kitchen is located on West Turner Road in Prichard. CLICK HERE to visit the restaurant on Facebook.

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