Out 'N About Prichard: The City of Champions

RICHARD, Ala. (WPMI) Local 15 Today's Out 'N About series took us to the city of Prichard Thursday, also known as the City of Champions.

Councilman Lorenzo Martin joined us live Thursday to talk about all the great things the city has to offer, including a great Parks and Recreation Department. Teams that play for the Parks & Rec include the Eight Mile Giants, Indian Springs Eagles and Prichard Chargers.

Councilman Martin says the youth football programs are so important not just for the children, but for the entire family.

"It balances families," Martin said. "You need the activity and quality of life for all of us."

Martin also says the program feeds right into the football programs at Prichard's two high schools: Blount and Vigor.

The city also has a Prichard Soccer Club, who Martin says nearly won a championship last year. Martin says they will play at Chickasabogue Park some this year. He says the county is developing that park and it will include two soccer fields.

Two things Councilman Martin says he wants folks to know about the city of Prichard: It's easy to get to and they have great food.

"We have the best soul food in the county," Martin said. "The best stack of ribs you'll ever buy right here in the city of Prichard."

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