Preview: Mystics of Time


You can watch full coverage of the Mystics of Time parade this Saturday night at 6 pm on our sister station, WJTC-UTV44 with your hosts, IHEARDRADIO's Colton Bradford, and Katie Herrera from Local 15 Today.

In a float barn at an undisclosed location, these characters are ready to spring into life, and be part of one of Mobile's most anticipated Mardi gras parades- The Mystics of Time!

With 19 floats and nearly that many bands, AND a fire breathing dragon, the MOT's often set records for attendance. And every year the krewe's theme is connected with a place in time and this year's theme is no exception: 1969 The Age of Aquarius.

Tori Ball is this year's MOT Queen. When she's not lording over her kingdom, she's a soccer coach in Boulder, Colorado after setting records in the sport at Auburn University. Her young players are getting a kick out of this whole royalty thing...

And as she tried out her new throne on the Queen's float, Tori appears to be adjusting to the idea, too.

"It's actually pretty comfortable. It's cushion-y... yeah! I like it," Ball said.-"And being a super krewe, by Mobile standards, the MOT's are always looking to make their new floats bigger and better. You are on the newest float right now of the MOT's. And it holds more people than ever before!"

34 people right now, and its stair-stepped, making it easy for riders to throw you carnival treasure. By now, you've figured out this is a big parade!

"As a super krewe, we have 641 members, 405 of those ride in the parade on floats, we have another 45 marshals on horseback, we have another 80 associates that walk in the parade. Those guys are waiting to ride."

In all, more than 550 people participate in the MOT procession and that doesn't count members of 15 bands competing in the 6TH Annual Champion of the Street band competition..

"The winning high school will get a $1000 check, a very large trophy, almost as large as we are, and they'll also ghet an automatic berth into next year's parade!"

With so much going on, how do these guys have time to pull it off? Well, remember, they're the Mystics of Time, so time is always on their side.

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