Mullinax Ford's Making Spirits Bright: Our Sister's Closet sponsored by Navigator Credit

(image: WPMI) Mullinax Ford's Making Spirits Bright: Our Sister's Closet sponsored by Navigator Credit

Ladies, there’s this discreet little boutique that's far from the malls and shopping centers.

In fact, it's in a former church school building just off Springhill Ave. and it's a MUST for many career minded ladies.


A lot of beautiful, professional clothes, some of them with the price tags still on them.

But, they're not for sale.

In fact, NOTHING is for sale at "Our Sister's Closet".


Because the goal here isn't to make a profit.

It's to help others jump start their lives with a new job.

Terri Kearns is its founder.

"Our Sister's Closet is a boutique of professional clothing,” says Terri, “where a woman can come and select an interview outfit, and, once she gets the job, she can come back and select clothes to wear on the job!"

Why is that so important?

"First impressions are everything,” says Terri. “And if we look good, we feel good. So it's about our own self confidence before we we walk in that door, we are able to share that self-confidence to the employer."

They even help with resumes

It's free, expressly for women who have no means to do this on their own. Terri says this shop and others like it have about a 60 to 70% success rate when it comes to helping women gain employment.

Results like that caught the eye of Cheryl Cooper and the folks over at Navigator Credit Union, who stopped by to learn more.

The Navigator gang says their mission is also financial success for their members. And when they heard about our Spirit of Giving campaign, they reached out.

"They have a terrific fundraiser called Purses with a Purpose,” says Cheryl, “and we thought about that and realized that is a particularly important part of being dressed for success, to have that right bag. "

And they brought hand bags... FIVE of them! Stuffed with essentials for women looking for a new start... even $50 gift cards!

"Every woman likes to have the right bag,” says Cheryl, “and the right pair of shoes when she walks in for a job interview."

It’s fashion that matters, says Terri.

"I recently had a lady who called me and said I just wanted to let you know I just got a promotion after 90 days on the job."

By the way, Our Sister's Closet often helps the guys out, too.

To find out more, visit

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